Sunday, March 18, 2018

Österbottens (Troll) Regemente

Starting work on Swedish forces for the Russo-Swedish War of 1808...

...with a  difference.

In keeping with my other Napoleonic and Seven Years Wars armies these will consist of Alternative Armies Slaighterloo/Flintloque fantasy figures.

These are Trolka of Skandavia by name, although I prefer to just call them Trolls.

This first unit is in the uniform of the Österbottens Regemente whose 

The Regiment was engaged  in several battles during the campaign, and being a Finnish unit was disbanded after the loss of Finland to Russia.

These figures were painted by the alternative Armies painting staff to their usual high standards in the "stock" Trolka uniform.

It only took a simple paint conversion to change this to the Österbottens uniform.

Troll battalions are being manned (Trolled?) at a ratio of 1 Troll to 4 human sized figures so this battalion is equivalent to 32 figures. At 1:20 figure to man ratio this leaves the battalion only a few humanoid figures short of its max strength in the campaign.

More Trolls (line and cavalry) are on the way from Scotland, and the Russians are already extant as Witchlands undead.

A special thank you to Lars Rossle (there should be an umlaut over the "o", but can't figure out how to do so!)  for the lovely flag art and if you have any interest in the conflict do visit his website .

As always more as it happens and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Seven Years War Beervarians Infantry and Hunvarian Hussars

Severed Ears War Beervarian Dwarf Infantry.
Von Rotte Line and Grenadiers painted by the Alternative Armies staff.
2x 20 figure line infantry with some additional figures shown in different configurations for different games.
Ironically given this was the Bits and Bobs order that included so many mounted colonels...Forgot to order one for these fine fellows...

Charge! Battalion of 4x 12 figure companies and 6 figure colour guard, 54 figures.

Charge! Battalion of 4x 12 figure companies and 6 figure colour guard, 54 figures. Another view.

Colour Guard.

4x 12 figure Piquet battalions.

2x 20 figure Slaughterloo or Muskets and Shakos battalions with a small converged grenadier battalion of 14 figures. These can also be used with Charge! if one fiddles with the ranges.

14 figure converged grenadier battalion. Uses four figures sporting tricorene's.

May field this as a 12 figure unit sans drummer and standard. Converged grenadiers would not have a regimental colour, being composed of detached companies from several battalions in any event.

Twenty-one Hunvarian Hussars. Marketed as KGL Light cavalry, here they are presented as Hunvarian army troops. In truth they shall be used as both as needed and possibly others to round out the numbers as proxies.

Here is one Charge! regiment or two Slaughterloo/Muskets & Shakos units. 

For Charge! it is more likely they will take the field as three x seven figure squadrons. However being Ogres I should think four x five figure squadrons will do.

As usual figures painted and based by the AA staff.

Finally here are some close ups of the colours.

Created these using Paint 3D and images found online. 

Love the Unicorn of Hunvaria. The Ogres do too apparently.

Maybe that is why they ride rhinos?

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Cra Diavolo and L'Artillerie Hippomobile

 Received a lovely troopship from Scotland this week.

Amongst the new comers are much needed support for the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, and the Kingdom of Naples, or Neoplise Rebels and Regulars depending on your point of view and rules of choice.

First up
Cra Diavolo

"On yonder rock reclining,
Behold that bold and fearsome Toad
Fast his hands his carbine hold,
It is his best friend of old"

- The Song of Fra Diavolo

Been wanting a Fra Diavolo figure for years. It was one of those projects that never took flight. 

Finally called on Gavin Syme of Alternative Armies to do the hard part :)
Gavin  graciously offered up this as yet unreleased figure of an opera singer, modified with sword belt.


Painted by the great Alternative Armies staff it came out a treat.

And here is the inspiration:

"Fra Diavolo" 
Artist Tancredi Scarpelli

And what good is a rebel leader without rebels?

Gianmatteo Tonci of Chimerae Hobby Group has written a series of cracking Flintloque scenarios featuring the exploits of these fine Toads. You may download them by left clicking here.

And another long term project to bolster the Impiralist forces:

L'Artillerie Hoppomobile!

Admittedly inspired by first, the need to use more adorable hippos, and a pun, this gun and crew will provide much needed support to counter insurgency forces and Imperial field armies the length and breadth of Urop.

As usual, painted by the AA staff, I used the Todoroni cavalry officer ad singer painted in artillery crew colours to represent the mounted gunners.

Think the effect is quite nice.

Finally, this fellow: a conversion of the officer figure that can be seen standing next to Fra Diavolo.

Using greenstuff I built up his collar and gave him a plastic staff, then painted and based.

Readers will no doubt have sussed that he is an homage to the excellent film "Brotherhood of the Wolf".

Finished Faccia di Rospo some years ago and he has proudly served as part of the Coalition forces League of Extraordinary Mentalmen ever since although he has always meant to have had ties to the Nepalese partisans.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

New Edition of 95th, Adventuring in the Napoleonic Wars

Two Hour Wargames has just released a new edition of 95th!

This is a new edition of our Napoleonic Skirmish game. This version is self contained and even comes with counters that can be used instead of miniatures if you prefer.

It is also a lighter set of core rules designed to make each game play quickly so you can get on with the campaign and the rewards and pitfalls associated with it.

As always this game can be played head to head, co-op,or solo with the rules providing a complete AI to determine and run opposition forces.

Hope you like it.

You may read some more about it on the Two Hour Blog here .

You may purchase it here.

And my heartfelt thanks if you do :)

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

General Banal and the Plot to Assassinate d'Elrond

 “It will be as you wish General sahib”.

The swarthy otterman clutched the bag of coin tightly in his gnarled paw.

“None shall survive”.

The Elf, clad in mufti, to avoid attention, considered this and spoke.

“While I do not doubt your sincerity, mon ami Wesil, I must witness these events myself. This troublesome counter revolutionary slipped from my grasp once before. It will not happen again”.

“As you say, so shall it be done, sahib. My companions are ready and we will strike tonight”.

Not for the first time, General Banal reflected on the doleful state of affairs that had brought him from the Rivière de Couenne all the way to the Gobla Kush in Inji. Curse all dwarves and their baked goods! The raid on Ettinheim in Beerdan had ended poorly*. Only the intervention of the Inn’s dwarven bakers and their…their…creations…had allowed that cursed Royalist Louie Paon Confit, Duc d'Elrond to escape capture and the date with the firing squad he so richly deserved.

This scenario featured in this year's Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar, and you may read the rest of it here .

Also of particular note, Craig Andrews wrote a cracking scenario featuring our Hero, Giglamps getting up to shenanigans in Afri ...

As well as an absolutely splendid Valonian Word Search .

Being an Advent Calendar, there are naturally some 22 other entries for various game systems and I should think you will all find something of interest if you head on over there, uh, here .

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